Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Pray?

If you look at the books on my shelf and on my electronic devices, there are too many where the bookmark is in the first third.  It's a sickness.  I'll get excited about a book, start reading it, and then another one grabs my attention and I never finish the first. 

One of those is A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World by Paul Miller.  I started reading that again this morning.  Miller talks about the importance of believing like a child in one's prayer life.  He says that children instinctively believe their parents want to do them good.  It's only as we get older that we become more cynical.  Quote, "Disappointment and broken promises are the norm instead of hoping and dreaming.  Our childlike faith dies a thousand little deaths." 

Jesus, on the other hand, wants the opposite for us.  He wants us to have the faith of a child.  The gospel message assures us that God isn't mad at us.  His wrath was poured out on the cross and thus, He's free to love us absolutely and unconditionally.  That's a fact that will never change.

If you are like me, you struggle with prayer.  Life has shown us enough disappointments that it can be hard to believe that God does want to give us good things.  Now, we may disagree with His definition of, "good," but the fact is, every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above (James 1:17).

My dream is that, as Christians, prayer will become an ever increasing part of our lives.  Remember that God is waiting to give you what He knows you need.  Look for 15 minutes today where you can get alone with the Lord and pray.

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